Share your loves


What is that?

Loves like a french.

An Android app that lets you share your love anonymously, in the language of your choice!

It is high time that the internet shared a little more love across the world, sometimes a little tender or sympathetic message can cure many problems.

Love it now!

Download for free on your smartphone and install it by clicking on the file (wallOfLoves.apk).



Cédric Staes

Android developer & Web Designer


Wall of Loves

Is Wall of Loves is free?


Is there an iPhone version?

Not yet, it will be developed if the demand is very high.

Why is the app not on Google Play?

It's planned, but having only a few applications to send to Google Play, I prefer to wait and design more applications to offer to the public.

How to install the application?

Download the .apk file and transfer it to your smartphone. Click on the file from your phone to install it and follow them 2-3 short instructions.

Bugs Report

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